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Paul Gauguin

Song - w/text - Eugène Henri Paul Gauguin, French artist, 7 June 1848 -- 8 May 1903, was a leading Post-Impressionist artist, painter, sculptor, printmaker, ceramist and writer. His works from when he lived in Tahiti are most connected to his form of expression. The Tahiti period are full of quasi-religious symbolism and an exoticized view of the inhabitants of Polynesia. --- He was the first artist to systematically use primitive effects and achieve broad public success. The way of expression was called Primitivism, an art movement of late 19th century painting and sculpture.

He was furious about the worship of gold and status in Europe, and moved to Tahiti, where he could enjoy his passion for painting, beautiful women and a life as close to being as natural as he wanted ... but it was not the road of joy and happiness as he longed for ...

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